One Sixth Outlet is your number 1 spot on the web to secure 1:6 scale figures brand new from a trusted retailer located in North America with distribution facilities in both the United States & Canada to better serve our customers.

In Stock Item Purchases:

All “In Stock” item purchases that are fully paid (including applicable shipment overage costs, if any) are eligible to ship immediately. Most Orders submitted are shipped within 24 hours but please allow up to 48 to 72 business hours for your package to ship before you contact Customer Support for assistance. A tracking # will be uploaded to your account when your package ships so that you can monitor the delivery of your parcel. If your tracking # does not work immediately please allow the courier system at least 24-48 hours to update to show delivery progress.

Pre-Order Terms:

A pre-order is a product that has recently been announced by the manufacturer and while it is not ready to ship we are authorized to collect “reservations” for this item to help you get your hands on new product releases at launch without the hassle. In order to pre-order an item and reserve yours a 10% item deposit is due in full on the day of item reservation via your selected payment method. 

It is important to note that this 10% pre-order deposit amount is NON-REFUNDABLE and the only circumstance where your funds will be returned to you for a pre-order deposit is if the manufacturer cancels production on a specific item / SKU #.

Arrival Dates:

Product release dates are subject to change at any time without notice. Unfortunately some manufacturers do not communicate delays to their retail partners and as a result there are times where little to no information is available on a pre-order item and we simply need to play the “waiting game.” We cannot guarantee that any pre-order item will ship by a specific target date (Christmas, birthday, etc) so do not place a pre-order if it is contingent on any of these factor(s). 


Am I charged for a Pre-Order item in full now or when it ships?

To reserve a pre-order item the only cost required today is a deposit amount that is equal to 10% of the total product cost. Once this amount is paid an Order is “secured” with your name on it and when the product is released & ready to ship we will contact you with an invoice for the remaining amount owed.

Can I cancel my Pre-Order? Do I get my deposit money back?

While we sympathize with your situation and do allow pre-order cancelations it is important to note that the 10% deposit we collected at the time of your item reservation is NON-REFUNDABLE. These funds in some cases are passed to our supplier to secure your pre-order and they do not allow us to decrease order QTYs sadly. As a result we ask that you place pre-orders with extreme care.

What currency do you accept for purchases?

The only currency we accept for item purchases or pre-orders on our website is USD (United States Dollar). All product prices listed are in US Dollar and any other charge(s) mentioned on our website are similarly USD.

Do I need to create an account on your website to make a purchase?

It is not necessary to create an account @ in order to make a purchase, no. We allow customers to Checkout as a “Guest” on our website but unfortunately if you do so you will not be able to track or monitor your Order data. We strongly recommend that customers create an account prior to placing a pre-order or Order this way you can better track your order details within your personal account.

How long will it take for my Pre-Order item to ship?

Outside of the “Estimated Release Date” that we provide on our website that is supplied by the manufacturer we have no other way to know exactly when a pre-order item will be ready to ship. Manufacturers make every effort to meet their own deadlines but delays do happen and unfortunately as a retailer there is nothing that we can do about it except wait patiently. If an update becomes available we will certainly loop you in on what’s going on! 

What forms of payment do you accept for item purchases/ pre-orders?

At the current moment the only method of payment that we accept is PayPal but we will be adding other options in the near future including a Credit Card checkout option & the ability to pay with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Stay tuned for more updates on our social media feed as these new features become available.

Why should I Pre-Order an item instead of just waiting for it to be In Stock?

We strongly encourage our customers to pre-order any items they have an interest in purchasing because our order quantities are directly based on the number of pre-orders we collect for any given product. We always do our best to order in extra pieces for purchasers on release date but the quantity available outside of the pre-order allocation will be EXTREMELY limited!

Do you ship my package with signature required?

Most packages shipped from our distribution facility are sent without signature confirmation required unless directly requested by the customer during Checkout via the “order notes” section. Please note that there may be an extra charge for signature required as most couriers will bill us additional for this service.

I am looking for an item that is not listed on - what can I do?

We make every effort to get new items listed as quickly as possible so please allow up to 24 hours for new product listings to become active after the announcement. If there is a product line or brand you collect that we do not carry but you would like to see added to our catalog please reach out to customer service and we will see if we can expand our reach!

Do you ship packages internationally? What is the cost to ship _______ pre-order item?

Yes, we ship to every corner of the world via a number of different courier partners including UPS Global. At checkout a standard $30.00 shipping rate will be charged but if your shipment costs exceed that amount then we will need to invoice you for the remaining amount owed before your package can ship. 

We cannot estimate the cost of shipping on pre-order items because we do not have the dimension(s) or weight of pre-order items until they arrive at our facility and are ready to ship, sorry!

I plan on moving before a pre-order product releases: how can I update my shipping address?

In order to update your shipment address for a pre-order product simply login to your account @ and goto the My Account area where you will find a section for Billing & Shipping address. Update this information with your new address and prior to fulfilling your Pre-Order we will “pull” this new address from your profile and update your Packing List to ensure your item is dispatched to the correct place.

Do you charge sales tax on purchases made?

We do not charge sales tax for USA residents regardless of which State you reside in. For Canadian residents you will pay sales tax during Checkout based on your Province so please provide accurate biling / shipping details to prevent inaccuracies in your total amount owed / charged.