Frequently Asked Questions

A look at some of the most frequently asked questions.. Please review our FAQ before sending us a message.

My Pre-Order release date has passed. Why has my item not yet shipped?

The release dates listed on our website are estimated release dates and it is not uncommon that manufacturers do not meet these deadlines. If an update becomes available for your item we will reach out to you but if you do not hear from us it means there is no news to speak of sadly.

How long will it take for my Order to ship?

For Pre-Order items shipping dates are based on when the goods become available. For “In Stock” item purchases most Orders typically ship within 48 hours.

What courier do you utilize for shipping?

We typically ship orders utilizing USPS Priority Mail but for larger/heavier items we will on occassion use UPS. When you receive your tracking # the courier will be specified a link to track your package provided.

Can I pay for my Order with a currency other than USD?

Unfortunately the only currency you can process Checkout on our website with is in USD. For a rough estimate on the cost in your local currency we recommend for up-to-date currency conversion.

What payment methods are accepted for Checkout?

At the moment the only payment method accepted is PayPal but we will soon be expanding our options and offering both Stripe (Credit Card)  & Cryptocurrency Checkout options. Thank you for your patience.

Do I pay for a pre-order item in full or only partially?

In order to secure a Pre-Order and with it reserve the item in question a 10% deposit is required and the remaining 90% payment will be due in full when the item has arrived and is due to ship.

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