Toys Era – The Fiend Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Review

In The Beginning If Spider-Man: No Way Home has proven anything, it’s that nostalgia is a powerful force. That fact has never been more true than when it comes to collecting right now. While certain villains returning to movie theater screens is all the rage, some of those characters were already making their way back […]

SooSoo Toys SST018 – Dark Spider Sixth Scale Figure Review

In the Beginning It would be easy enough to assume that the only Sixth Scale Game in town for Spider-Man fans is Hot Toys, considering how many versions of the character they’ve already produced. Technically, you’d be correct in that assumption, but only if you’re talking officially licensed releases.  An amazing Third Party version of […]

By-Art Reveals Their 1/6 Scale Black Wing Figure

With all of the recent hype that built up around director Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League film, there were bound to be newer collectors that missed out on the earlier Sixth Scale renditions of characters like Batman and Superman. With aftermarket prices being so crazy out there, it’s been left to Third Party […]

The Black Order Nears Completion With Toys Battalion Raven Blade 1:6 Scale Figure

Fans of Avengers: Infinity War may have felt that the villains of the piece, Thanos’ Black Order,  got the short shrift when it comes to the Sixth Scale market. While Thanos and the heroes have all been readily represented by official companies like Hot Toys, the evil quartet have had to rely on the Third […]

Skipping The Thunder Toys Sixth Scale Mr. Dots Figure Would Be Suicide

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad was an instant fan-favorite when it premiered not long ago, correcting the mistakes of the initial outing by director David Ayer and adding some much-needed wackiness to the proceedings. While the film looks to be a favorite for a long time to come, there haven’t been many 1:6 scale figures […]

The Justice League Adds A New Sixth Scale Member Thanks To Toys Battalion Mars Guardian Figure

Fans have obviously not gotten enough of filmmaker Zack Snyder’s vision of the DC Cinematic Universe. Despite getting a 4-hour cut of his version of the Justice League, the clamoring for more is still loud and clear. While Hot Toys has recently announced that they’re finally releasing a Cyborg figure, amongst others, there are plenty […]

Pop Toys Pays Homage To Braveheart With Scottish Freedom Fighter 1:6 Scale Figure

The last couple of years has been a Golden Age of sorts for movie figures in the sixth scale market. Third Party manufacturers like Pop Toys have wowed collectors with plenty of iconic characters from fan-favorite films and now, they’re doing it again. The Scottish Freedom Fighter, inspired by Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, is available now […]

It’s No Time To Die With Black 8 Toys 007 Tactical Suit Sixth Scale Figure

With James Bond fans still enjoying Daniel Craig’s final outing in No Time To Die, it’s the perfect time to add a new sixth scale iteration of the character to the collection. With no official representation out there, Black 8 Studio aims to fill the gap with their Agent 007 (Tactical Suit) release, which looks […]

Present Toys Serves Up A New 1:6 Scale Hannibal Figure

Mads Mikkelsen’s interpretation of iconic cannibal Hannibal Lechter was not only amazing on its own, but rivaled that of Anthony Hopkins’ famous take on the character. While the actor wasn’t able to continue the role beyond a few seasons of the Hannibal show, he now gets to be immortalized in 1:6 scale thanks to Present […]

Tom Cruise Causes Collateral Damage With Redman Toys’ Sixth Scale Vincent Figure

RedMan Toys has been on a Tom Cruise kick recently. The Third Party Sixth Scale Figure manufacturer has recently announced a release inspired by the actor’s role in the 1980s classic film, Top Gun, and now we’re getting one of his best early 2000s roles. Vincent, bringing to plastic life the villain from 2004’s Collateral, […]