Present Toys Is Smokin With Their 1:6 Scale The Mask Figure

1994’s comic book film, The Mask, was one of those cultural touchstones that comes along every few years. The movie was such a blockbuster hit that it cemented actor Jim Carrey’s stardom, drew attention to up and coming actress Cameron Diaz, and opened up the floodgates of a boatload of independent comic book franchises that […]

1/6 Scale Doomsday Killer Figures From Present Toys Throws Off Our Equilibrium

Who would have thought simply waiting nearly twenty years was all it took to get high-end toys of some of our favorite cult classic movies? Take Equilibrium, the 2002 action flick starring a not-yet famous Christian Bale battling it out against Taye Diggs in a near-future landscape. Fans clamoring for collectibles from the film have […]

Return To The World Of The Sopranos With New Sixth Scale Figure

Black 8 Studio seems to be a newcomer to the Sixth Scale figure scene, but they’re showing off some promising new Third Party releases. What they have following up on their recently revealed Mickey O’Neil figure is one that is sure to get plenty of attention: Tony Soprano from The Sopranos. The mob boss is […]

Black 8 Studio Enters The Sixth Scale Market With Snatch Figure

Guy Ritchie’s Snatch was a film that showed up at just the right time, entering a movie landscape that was still constantly searching for the next Pulp Fiction. Full of crooked and hilarious characters, the movie cemented the careers of many, from Ritchie himself to actor Jason Statham. One of the most memorable performances was […]

Beverly Hills Cop Gets The Sixth Scale Treatment From Dark Toys

While there are plenty of figures of action movie stars out there, the action comedy realm is sorely underrepresented in Sixth Scale. For every Sylvester Stallone Rambo or Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator I already have on the shelf, there’s a comedic actor I can think of that I don’t see represented. Chief among those missing is […]

Thunder Toys Takes You To The Bad Place With 1:6 Scale Hell Ranger And Horse Figures

Thunder Toys is slowly making a name for themselves, at least regarding their preorders. While they have yet to release a figure, they are getting attention for what they’re promising collectors. They recently announced a “Variant Spider” 1:6 scale figure, clearly showing inspiration from the Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man film. Their follow-up is another “classic” Marvel […]

By-Art Brings “Winter” Early With Sixth-Scale Cold Warrior Figure

Most Third Party figure companies avoid producing characters that the larger, official companies have already called dibs on. However, most Third Party companies aren’t By-Art. Much like their recently-released Transcendent 1:6 Scale Figure, which looks an awful like a certain Man of Steel, they’ve announced a similarly-represented character: The Cold Warrior. Available for preorder now, […]

Hot Heart Gives Daredevil’s Rescue Uniform Another Go

As much as I loved Daredevil’s “final” costume in his Netflix streaming series, I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the less-flashy mostly-black outfit he first wore a lot more. There was just something about the no-frills, minimalist vibe of that first look that suited the character and his world, not to […]

New York City, Beware, Because Present Toys Is Bringing Taxi Driver To Sixth Scale

Oh, Present Toys, I am officially running out of ways to express my love for your catalog of figures. Every time I think you’ve announced as many classic film characters as you possibly can, you find another that I need in my collection. You’ve done it again, it seems, finding a movie that I somehow […]

Present Toys and Premier Toys Face Off With Dueling Road Warrior 1:6 Scale Figures

It’s not often that a 1981 film gets a new Sixth Scale figure announced, much less two new figures from two different companies! Here we are, though, with both Present Toys and Premier Toys announcing preorders for their individual takes on George Miller’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece, The Road Warrior, and his titular character, Mad Max.   […]