SooSoo Toys SST018 – Dark Spider Sixth Scale Figure Review

In the Beginning

It would be easy enough to assume that the only Sixth Scale Game in town for Spider-Man fans is Hot Toys, considering how many versions of the character they’ve already produced. Technically, you’d be correct in that assumption, but only if you’re talking officially licensed releases. 

An amazing Third Party version of the Wall-Crawler does occasionally appear out in the wild, as this Dark Spider release from SooSoo Toys did not long ago. Inspired by the alternate Spider-Man Noir version of the Web-Slinger, this take on Spidey will fill a gap in fans’ collections nicely. Let’s take a look. 


Most people know of Spider-Man Noir from his role in the 2018 film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, where he was voiced by actor Nicolas Cage. The character actually predates the movie, however, having first appeared in Spider-Man Noir, issue #1, published in late 2008/early 2009. Part of a Marvel Noir universe that was conceived of by editor Fabrice Nopolsky, the character was created by writer David Hine and artist Marcos Djurdjevic. 

This 1930s take on Peter Parker proved popular enough to eventually show up in the comic book version of Spider-Verse and the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The SooSoo Toys Dark Spider figure is actually inspired by the character’s “alternate skin” appearance in the Playstation 4 Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, which in itself takes it’s design cues from the character’s comic book costume. 


The box is dark and dour, which correctly matches the vibe (and color palette) of the character, but makes for a pretty depressing art box. The Dark Spider on the front is pictured jumping down, ready for action, as the rain falls around him. The art found on the packaging is, as far as I can tell, original to this release and not from any other source, which is nice. There’s some figure information on the back, but otherwise nothing of note. 

There is a nice insert art piece, also original apparently, of the Dark Spider pictured without his coat and fedora. This look is how he appeared in the Spider-Man video game, so it’s a nice inclusion that I was pleasantly surprised to find when I opened this up. Inside the box, everything is packed nicely in a plastic tray, sturdy and safe. 


This is an absolutely well-dressed figure. The tailoring and fit of the clothing here is perfect, capturing the exact look of the Dark Spider’s inspiration. The gray sweater top is a stand-out, contrasting nicely with the black pleather vest. The elbow pads look better than I’d expect at this scale. The vest itself is put together well, with the faux buttons down the front and the collar coming off quite realistic. The pinstripe pants also fit nicely. 

Both the pleather belt and the holster look good, though if I thought anything here could use a second pass, it would be these two elements. They’re the only pieces that I felt came off a little cheap, but I’m probably nitpicking. Otherwise, this figure’s cloth goods are top notch. 


There’s not much sculpted on the main figure here, but what is looks magnificent. SooSoo simply nails the portrait of the Dark Spider. Everything from the aviator goggles to the faux stitching to the “leather” texture of the head piece looks and feels superb. There’s so many things going on with this head sculpt that I can lose myself staring at it, honestly.

The other large sculpted element, the boots, are also deserving of praise. They’re a 2-part boot, though sculpted to appear as if they are one piece. The faux leather texture is spot on, as are the sculpted straps and laces. There’s even some “metal” flourishes on the soles of the boots, which is a fun hidden touch. 


The paint works as a welcome compliment to the sculpt found on the figure, emphasizing the amount of detail SooSoo lovingly applied. There’s a nice black and gray wash to the portrait, hands and the boots that makes each of them pop. The pistol is well-done, as well. Not much to say, but that’s because it’s an all-around terrific job, paint-wise. 


You’ll find plenty of the range and movement that you’d expect for a “Spider-Man” figure here. Double-jointed knees and elbows are present, along with plenty of bend and tilt in the neck and torso. Some of the joints feel a little loose at places and could be tighter. Separating the boot at the ankle joint is smart, allowing for plenty of movement and ankle pivot. Dark Spider being dressed in “regular” clothing as opposed to a body-fitted onesie makes for a more easily-articulated figure than most, so there is plenty of fun to be had. 


The Dark Spider comes with some solid extras packed in, all fairly essential to the character. Of course, the figure comes with plenty of swappable alternate hands, 11 in total if we’re counting the fists he comes already sporting. The sculpt of these looks excellent, but I found them infuriating to peg into the wrists. The hands kept falling off due to the length of the glove cuff on the them and the sweater he’s wearing causing some bunching. It’s not a dealbreaker, but can pretty annoying. 

A removable pistol is included, already in his thigh holster. It looks great and even has a rotating chamber. The gun also fits perfectly inside of the included “trigger” hand. 

If you want to go more comic accurate with the figure’s look, there’s a sculpted fedora and a pleather trench coat in the box. The fedora fits perfectly on the figure’s head, not causing any scuffing or rubbing. The coat fits the body well, spacious but not baggy. Most importantly, it doesn’t come off as cheap at all.

Finally, there’s a bendy arm and base included, along with two extra wrist pegs, which is a nice touch. The base is sculpted to appear as if it has the texture of metal with a spider symbol at the center. 

In the End

Overall, this is a great release from SooSoo Toys. When you consider the price, which is much cheaper than you’d find for a Hot Toys Spider-Man, this is above and beyond. The outfit, including the coat, are nicely tailored. The figure itself is solid and any annoyances are pretty forgivable. Considering this is, so far, the only way to get this particular look for Spider-Man in Sixth Scale, I’d say do not hesitate to grab him if you can find him. 

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