Pop Toys Pays Homage To Braveheart With Scottish Freedom Fighter 1:6 Scale Figure

The last couple of years has been a Golden Age of sorts for movie figures in the sixth scale market. Third Party manufacturers like Pop Toys have wowed collectors with plenty of iconic characters from fan-favorite films and now, they’re doing it again. The Scottish Freedom Fighter, inspired by Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, is available now for preorder in not one, but two versions!

1995’s Braveheart still holds up as a classic film, providing Mel Gibson’s chops as a director, as well as a leading man. Pop Toys is offering two different releases celebrating the film’s lead character, William Wallace, and both are impressive-looking. Both come with plenty of accessories such as a broadsword, shield and hammer. 

The only item differentiating the Standard and Battle Versions Of the figure is the portrait. Instead of including two head sculpts in one, Pop Toys has opted to give each head it’s own release. One portrait has the character of Wallace wearing the iconic blue warpaint from the film, while the other is paint-less. I love both, the likeness to Gibson being strong, so either figure would be a solid purchase in my opinion. 

The Pop Toys Scottish Freedom Fighter Sixth Scale Figure, in both Standard Version and Battle Version, is available for preorder now and both are slated for a Q2, 2022 release. 

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