Return To The World Of The Sopranos With New Sixth Scale Figure

Black 8 Studio seems to be a newcomer to the Sixth Scale figure scene, but they’re showing off some promising new Third Party releases. What they have following up on their recently revealed Mickey O’Neil figure is one that is sure to get plenty of attention: Tony Soprano from The Sopranos. The mob boss is available for preorder now.

A great 1:6 scale rendition of actor James Gandolfini has yet to be produced, unfortunately, so I’m excited to see Black 8 take the challenge on. The figure has Tony dressed in one of his many iconic outfits. This and his accessories definitely make it easy for the character to be recognized at a glance. 

With a figure like this, what everyone will judge it by is the likeness. Is this easily identified as Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano? Well, mostly. This is a prototype, so things may change, but I’d say this is a petty solid take on the actor. While some of the details appear almost like a caricature, I think it’s mostly successful. 

Either way, this promises to be a solid Tony Soprano for the collection. Who knows if we’ll ever get an official release for the character, so this Black 8 Studio rendition will do just fine. 

Black 8 Studio BK-002 Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) 1:6 Scale Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for release Q2 -Q3, 2022. Pre-Order right here @ for $159.99 USD and enjoy FAST & FREE Shipping anywhere in the United States / Canada upon release!

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