Present Toys Is Smokin With Their 1:6 Scale The Mask Figure

1994’s comic book film, The Mask, was one of those cultural touchstones that comes along every few years. The movie was such a blockbuster hit that it cemented actor Jim Carrey’s stardom, drew attention to up and coming actress Cameron Diaz, and opened up the floodgates of a boatload of independent comic book franchises that would be adapted into films. Present Toys is giving the movie it’s due with an epic 1:6 scale figure that is available for preorder now!

Everything about this sixth scale The Mask figure is spot on. While I rarely am disappointed when I see incoming movie-based figures, I’m not often overly impressed either. However, the Mask looks like the character stepped directly out of the movie theater and I can’t wait to have this release on the shelf. 

 As if the expert tailoring of the iconic yellow Zoot Suit or the sculpting of the comical portrait weren’t enough, this Mask figure promises plenty of fun accessories as well. Every extra is scene-specific and brings back fond memories of the film, so I am just floored with how perfect this figure promises to be. Present Toys has outdone itself and I need this one in my grubby hands right now.

Present Toys PT-SP35 The Mask (Jim Carrey) 1:6 Scale Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for release in Q2- Q3, 2022. Pre-Order right here @ for $179.99 USD & you will enjoy FAST and FREE Shipping anywhere in the United States / Canada upon release!

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