Beverly Hills Cop Gets The Sixth Scale Treatment From Dark Toys

While there are plenty of figures of action movie stars out there, the action comedy realm is sorely underrepresented in Sixth Scale. For every Sylvester Stallone Rambo or Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator I already have on the shelf, there’s a comedic actor I can think of that I don’t see represented. Chief among those missing is probably the king of 1980s action comedy himself, Eddie Murphy. Dark Toys has stepped up to fill that void with their recently announced 1:6 scale figure inspired by Murphy’s blockbuster hit, Beverly Hills Cop II

The Beverly Hills Cop franchise was huge in the 80s, so much so that they’d even make a third installment in the early 1990s that ended up basically killing it. However, the peak of the series was definitely the sequel, which proved so popular that it makes total sense Dark Toys based their “Alex Foley” figure on that specific look.


This is a solid representation of Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley, especially with the standard portrait. The iconic Detroit Lions jacket makes this immediately recognizable to fans of the movies and he comes with plenty of accessories that fill out this release. 

An extra bonus is that fans of the actor can use the two included head sculpts to portray him as a Sixth Scale figure of any of his 1980s film characters! Considering how many of Murphy’s filmography hasn’t yet been made into figure form, this is a very welcome option if any collectors are into kitbashing. 

Dark Toys DTM006 Alex Foley (Beverly Hills Cop II) Sixth Scale Figure is available for preorder now and is slated for a Q2, 2022 release. Pre-Order right here @ and enjoy FAST & FREE Shipping anywhere in North America!

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