Thunder Toys Takes You To The Bad Place With 1:6 Scale Hell Ranger And Horse Figures

Thunder Toys is slowly making a name for themselves, at least regarding their preorders. While they have yet to release a figure, they are getting attention for what they’re promising collectors. They recently announced a “Variant Spider” 1:6 scale figure, clearly showing inspiration from the Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man film. Their follow-up is another “classic” Marvel movie: the Nicholas Cage-starring Ghost Rider. The Sixth Scale Hell Ranger figure is riding into our collections and he looks absolutely hellacious. Pun intended. 

Sam Elliot played the character of Carter Slade in the original Ghost Rider film, a Western precursor to the titular character that rode a flaming horse instead of a motorcycle. While we did get a Sixth Scale modern Ghost Rider figure from Hot Toys over a decade ago, we never got Carter to go with him. Well, some things are worth waiting for because the Hell Ranger is here and ready to fill the fiery void in fans’ collections. 

The Hell Ranger figure himself comes in two different versions, with the Deluxe option offering some added accessories that offer the option to transform the figure into his human form. The human Carter Slade portrait looks great, though the likeness to actor Sam Elliot is negligible. I’m fine with it, though. 

Sold separately but an absolute must-have is the Hell Ranger’s demonic Horse, also in Sixth Scale. He looks to be made completely of resin and has no articulation, though he does come with a light-up feature powered by USB. While the horse is effectively a statue, I would argue that the combination of the Ranger and the Horse is what makes this release truly attractive. I can’t wait to pair these two on the shelf!

The Thunder Toys Hell Ranger Sixth Scale Figure, in both Standard and Deluxe Version, is available for preorder now. The Thunder Toys Hell Ranger Horse Sixth Scale Figure is also available for preorder. Both are slated to release in Q2, 2022.

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