Hot Heart Gives Daredevil’s Rescue Uniform Another Go

As much as I loved Daredevil’s “final” costume in his Netflix streaming series, I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the less-flashy mostly-black outfit he first wore a lot more. There was just something about the no-frills, minimalist vibe of that first look that suited the character and his world, not to mention his blindness. So color me excited to hear that Hot Heart has announced their Dark Warrior 1:6 Scale figure and have placed it up for preorder already!

This is actually the second go at this particular design for Matt Murdock by Hot Heart, even being labeled as the 2.0 Version of this Rescue Uniform. Technically, it’s Daredevil’s third outfit, having dusted off this black suit and added some ropes to his wrists and hands for Season 3.

 While there was an official release of the main, superhero costume for Double-D, we’ve never received a proper go at this particular suit, so I’m excited to have a chance to add this to the collection. Hot Heart’s even included an unmasked portrait of Matt, which looks really great, capturing actor Charlie Cox’s likeness particularly well.


Hot Heart Dark Warrior, Rescue Uniform 2.0 (Matt Murdock) Sixth Scale Figure FD010A is available for preorder now and is schedule for a Q3, 2022 release. Pre-Order now @ and enjoy FAST & FREE Shipping anywhere in the United States or Canada!

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