Our Top 5 Most Anticipated 1/6 Scale Third Party Figures: Present Toys

The rest of 2021 and into 2022 looks to be an exciting time for Third Party figure collectors. While the likes of SooSoo Toys, Virtual Toys and Toys Era have already packed the Web with a plethora of plastic goodness, promoting their releases for the coming year, we figured that you could use even more. It’s difficult to cherry-pick our favorites considering just how much is headed our way, but these five upcoming releases stand out as some of the most exciting to us. We’ll be covering a variety of toy companies, but today let’s take a look at our top picks from Present Toys.

  1. Vincent Willem Van Gogh

Van Gogh gets the top spot, if only because this figure is exactly the type of release that Third Party companies excel at. As much as I love my officially licensed toys, none of those companies would ever see the financial interest in producing a Sixth Scale figure of Vincent Van Gogh. Yet as a fan of Western art and painting in general, I will absolutely love having a representation of the man himself in my collection. Companies like Present Toys are making it happen and I couldn’t be more pleased. If the figure’s sheer existence weren’t impressive enough, it’s packed with accessories that will make a Van Gogh figure fun! From a smock and hat for a different appearance to an actual in scale recreation of his iconic “A Starry Night” piece, this release is everything a Van Gogh fan needs.

2. The Second Mob Boss 

Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a perfect film. It’s definitely the best gangster movie ever made and spotlights one of Robert DeNiro’s finest performances. That performance, as a younger Vito Corleone, has been on my list of “Most Wanted 1/6 Scale Figures” forever and it looks like I’m finally getting him, thanks to Present Toys. The figure doesn’t come with many extras, though the few he does include are perfectly chosen. That said, this release could come barebones and I would still be ecstatic. Being able to capture Vito at his prime and display the character on the shelf is a dream come true and I cannot wait. 

3. The Poison Maker Figure Set

I’m not sure what accolades I can throw at AMC’s amazing hit show, Breaking Bad, that hasn’t been showered upon it already. The five-season comic tragedy is likely one of the finest television shows ever produced and that is truly not an exaggeration on my part. Obviously, one of the most memorable looks for the main characters is going to be them cooking meth. Present Toys doesn’t disappoint with the display options here, giving Walter and Jesse their iconic cooking outfits and a plethora of cooking gear to use. This two-figure set could easily work as a lone Breaking Bad display piece. It’s that good. 

4. Criminal Lawyer

Yeah, I know that I just said that Present Toys’ Poison Maker Set could be the only Breaking Bad-inspired figures a collector would need, but you’re obviously going to need a Saul Goodman on hand as well. As fans of Better Call Saul, like myself, eagerly await the start of the next season, we need a little piece of the show to help fill the void. Cue this impressive Criminal Lawyer figure, which brings Bob Odenkirk’s hilarious con-man cum lawyer to Sixth Scale life. Present Toys has definitely gotten the actor’s likeness down and the prospect of displaying Saul with both Jesse and Walter in my collection makes me giddy. 

5. Legendary Gunner

If you haven’t watched the 1995 Western classic, Tombstone, then stop reading this immediately and remedy your horrible oversight. When you return, you can thank me. Then, feel free to go on reading my droning on about how excited I am to have a 1/6 Doc Holiday figure incoming. Val Kilmer’s Holiday is a career-defining performance and completely steals the movie, despite having plenty of heavy duty actors standing beside him. Present Toys brings Kilmer’s tour de force to Sixth Scale, palid complexion and all. 

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